Thursday, July 02, 2015

Home Grown

It's a grey wet winter's day here. It' been like this, off and on, for the last few weeks. A mixture of cold winds, damp days and some actual rain. 

I'm supposed to be planting veggie seeds, planning a tea party menu, finishing my Pixie Bonnet pattern, photographing new stock, waking up my sourdough starter, bathing a dog (or two), picking veggies for dinner, skimming thick cream off the top of milk and a heap of other things. 
But instead I'm taking a minute here to share some of the home grown happenings in my kitchen for Celia's monthly kitchen tour.

This was a butter cake that I made last week. It wasn't made for any special reason but it was a special cake. After making half a kilo of cultured butter one evening, I decided to use some of it in a butter cake. I used the recipe from the Gourmet Farmer Deli Book, just swapping the flour and sugar for spelt and rapadura. I decorated it with a dusting of rapadura and cinnamon, and mint leaves and viola flowers from my garden.

Speaking of the garden, there has been a lot of produce coming out of it lately both for us and the animals. (The pigs just love fresh celery!).
This basket was filled with frilly lettuce, parsley, squash, celery, silver beet (swiss chard) and the first of our kale. Tonight we'll be having more kale and a heap of snow peas with dinner.

Milk. Common enough, but magical stuff that we don't stop to admire nearly enough. I took a minute to feel proud of it one morning as I put nearly seven litres into the fridge.


What's happening in your kitchen this month?
I hope there are some good things happening for you right now.

Sarah xx


  1. Seven litres of milk...I would be proud too! Love that salad basket. I have the Gourmet Farmer Deli book and must admit I have browsed it many times but I haven't cooked much from it yet. Your cake is very special x

  2. So many wonderful things in your kitchen Sarah. I have cut back on my garden area as the night time animals were doing too much damage. I still have a little patch with a cover and have planted some broccoli seedlings. Your garden produce sounds so yummy, we love homegrown snow peas. Your cake looks delicious and I would love to have a glass of that fresh milk with it. I made an almond cake yesterday and some scrolls for the kids lunch. Enjoy your weekend xx

  3. Delicious and beautiful post. That shot of the milk is stunning.

  4. Sarah, what a bountiful basket you have! Wonderful post x

  5. The cake looks glorious. So golden and pretty. I really enjoyed your post and you sharing a little of your achievements with us.

    Thanks for the tour.

  6. What GORGEOUS photos and love your butter cake! Your greens make it seem like I can reach out and just touch them!
    Thanks for this month's kitchen view also!

  7. Cake made with butter you made your self, that has got to be special. Lovely photos.

  8. Your butter cake looks delicious with those little flowers - how do you make cultured butter, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks for a peek in your kitchen, see you next month for #IMK


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