Tuesday, July 14, 2015

10 Good Things Right Now

1. A delicious dinner simmering on the stove...called Chinese Braised Beef from this beautiful book and featuring home grown meat. The smell is mouthwatering

2. Golden afternoon sunshine lighting up freshly mowed grass. Not the house lawn, which still needs doing, but the grass under the young orchard.

3. Casting on the first sleeve for my Clara Bow Sweater - I've finally finished knitting the front and back! The end is in sight....

4. A plate of hors d'oeuvres that took 5 minutes to make and included our own Haloumi. I can't tell you much more about them because the recipe is so simple I'd practically be writing it. But I can tell you which book it is from (this one) and that it's well worth adding to your library.

5. A lush veggie patch producing enough for us to have meals from, as well supplementing some of the animal's diets.

6. Having the fire going all day

7. A posy of pretty flowers on a tidy sideboard

8. A shell and a piece of coral gathered from yesterday's spontaneous and much enjoyed trip the to beach. The coastal warmth was a lovely change, especially when battling with a cold.

9. A loaf of sourdough rising away happily in it's banneton

10. Having two beautiful Border Collies relaxing by the fire, one because she's just done some sheep work (Rilla) and the other because she's worn her self out simply by being a puppy (Bambi).

When I write posts here, I hope that they might inspire some people the way other's blogs inspire me. Thank-you to those of you who left comments on my last post, it was lovely to hear from so many of you that you find this space inspiring

Now, what good things are happening in your world right now?
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  1. Pretty light and gorgeous, warm, homely things Sarah! Oh those pigs!

    Tonight I have made yoghurt, sourdough is rising and a slow cooked beef and barley stew and a chocolate and walnut slice have just come out of the oven. Good things...and the family needs to be fed, right? x

    1. Thanks Jane. Your kitchen happenings sound delicious; yes people always need to be fed, it's that fact that makes me grateful I enjoy cooking since it is something that can't be avoided x

  2. Sounds like ten very good things happening.
    Here the good things happening are - not having to light the fire every day, a much needed rainy day and the first of the raspberries and loganberries ready for picking.

    1. Oh I love summer berries! Our raspberry is just a bunch of canes at the moment. Enjoy your summer x

  3. What a great way to count your blessings!
    I can hear the sound of rain on my tin roof...I love that sound and it means a lot of good things.

    1. There's something so peaceful and fulfilling about rain on a roof, isn't there? Enjoy x


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