Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Meet Bambi

Little Bambi arrived on Saturday afternoon, after a huge day of travelling, which included a 3 hour flight. She was bewildered and terrified when we got her off the plane, and once she was in my arms she clung on for dear life. After about 15 minutes in the car, snuggled in a cosy blanket in my lap, she relaxed and settled, and spent the following hour's drive home asleep.
Despite her big journey here she's settled in super fast and is an absolute delight. I haven't met a puppy before that enjoys having her belly rubbed as much as Bambi, or one that at the age of 8 weeks old likes to offer her paw as a greeting.
She's confident, content and so very gentle, besides being completely adorable and entirely spoilt.

Rilla is getting used to Bambi; she's not the kind of dog to get jealous but she is always timid of puppies until she gets to know them. She's beginning to try to play with Bambi though, and I know that in a week's time Rilla will be completely relaxed around her, and they'll end up being good friends. In the meantime she's happy to share her bones, toys and bedroom with Bambi, and when the little pup grows up Rilla will no doubt share her sheep with her too.

Border Collies are such delightful dogs, it's lovely having two around. Bambi is similar to Rilla in so many ways, but so different at the same time. They may be from different bloodlines and be different colours but they do share lots of breed traits, and I think Rilla will enjoy having someone around who understands her peculiar ways of playing.


What did you do on the weekend?
Was yours full-on like ours or a relaxing end to the week?
I feel rather in need of a holiday after the last few hectic weekendless weeks we've had....since holidays don't happen around here, not proper ones, (try getting someone to babysit this large menagerie!), we're on a go-slow this week. Amidst the busyness, tiredness and chaos there are puppy cuddles, another clutch of newborn baby chicks to admire and there is always tea.

I hope your week is a good one!

Sarah x

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  1. Does it get any cuter than this Sarah!!!! Im so glad she is settling in so well friend! What a cutie!! Enjoy every second with her!!! And a happy week to you!! Nicole xo

    1. Thank-you Nicole - happy week to you too! x

  2. She looks adorable! But what a long way she must have come to get to you, a very well travelled pup. I'm sure you are all going to have such good times with her :)

    1. Yes she's come a long way and I think she was very glad to have her feet on the ground again when she got here!

  3. she is beautiful I am sure she will be one very loved little girl

  4. Oh my lord....too cute! x

  5. Bambi is adorable. I hope you have years of fun togeather. beautiful pictures I want a cuddle.

  6. Oh my word, she is just toooo adorable! I would just want to cuddle her too, after that long journey. Have fun getting to know one another, and I'm sure she & Rilla will be best of pals in no time at all.
    Hugs all round,

    1. Thanks Gilly; Rilla is getting more used to her every day x

  7. I'd babysit but it is a bit of a journey for me. :) I simply love your dogs and I wish I could just reach into your blog and give bambi tummy tickle myself.
    Rosie xx

  8. You are so right, border collies are such delightful dogs. And you little puppy looks like a honey. Give her a big pat from me :)

  9. Bambi is adorable!! She looks very much like my dog Cody did when we brought him home. I love this age for utter cuteness. I'll bet Rilla will be pals with her in no time.


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