Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Autumn is here.
There is knitting and baking and jumper wearing.
There is planting of winter veggies and animal fodder crops.
There are warm milk drinks in the evening and hearty stews and soups.

There are calves to wean, already weaned ones to train and sheep work to do with Rilla.
There is a box filled with pumpkins for the pigs, picked from a friend's unwanted pumpkin paddock.
There is a new ram and the hope of lambs in Spring.
There is the arrival of a puppy to look forward to.
There is so much to get done now, in the coming months and so much to look forward to and plan and wait for and anticipate that it can be almost overwhelming.
There are cold blustery days and warm sunshiny ones.

The sheep are beginning to grow back their wool, the cow's coats are getting a little bit thicker and our bull's neck has got the thick curls on his neck that only he grows for winter.
The days are getting shorter, the sunrises more beautiful and the paddocks are getting windier.
The veggie patch has been filled with little seedlings, in the hope of producing a good portion of our food over the cooler months. Blankets have made their way out from the top of the linen cupboard and the house is being shut up at night.
There are less bugs in the evening, more hawks and eagles to be seen in the air, and little tiny robins, wrens and sparrows flitting through the paddocks from seed head to seed head.

Autumn is without a doubt my most favourite time of year.
What's yours?

PS Heartfelt thank-you to all of you who left a comment on my post about Spud xx

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  1. You capture country living so beautifully Sarah. Love your zucchinis, happy autumn days to you x

    1. Thank-you Jane, hope you're having a good week! x

  2. Beautiful!!! How do you do it all Sarah!?!?!? Do you have any help on the farm besides the 2 of you? Just stunning...and I am with you...what a wonderful time of year! I wish you good luck with all of your animals as well! Nicole xo

    1. Thanks so much Nicole; Spring must be a busy time for you in your garden too :-)

  3. Autumn looks and sounds so lovely through your eyes. I love Autumn and Spring best

  4. yes Autumn is by far my favourite season love this cooler time of year

    1. I think it feels even better after the heat of summer! x

  5. Delightful post ..autumn is my fav time too! Less bugs and nighttime sounds .. Love the leaves and changes in the garden.. Sigh

  6. Oh my.. that little calf. How very sweet Sarah! Autumn is such a lovely time.. We are feeling w very warm, dry spring over here right now, which is crazy for Ireland! Delighted to say I don't miss the rain however! Hazel x

  7. I adore autumn here, but autumn there looks so pretty I think I might adore your autumn more.

    I somehow missed your post about Spud, but am sending hugs now. That's the downside of life with dogs isn't it, those heartbreaking decisions we have to make and then just plain missing them when they're gone xxx


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