Friday, March 13, 2015

Yesterday & Today

Today I looked at the grey wet skies around me and wondered if the sun would come out tomorrow. It's been cold, windy and wet for three days now, largely due to the cyclone hanging around the coast. I actually love this weather but I think if the sun doesn't appear soon we might all start to grow mould!

Yesterday I transplanted lots of little seedlings from their seedling trays into pots. Only the healthiest of the seedlings were transplanted, that was about 26 silver beets/rainbow chards, 20 sunflowers and 25 little lettuces. I'd like to transplant another 25 or so lettuces today, and then I'll have to thin out the mustard and tomatilloes, and re-pot the little tomato seedlings. The sunflowers are destined to be companion planted with my zucchinis, squash and pumkins, all of which are at the seedling stage now too. Apparently they go great together as sunflowers attract enough bees to pollinate the veggies, and deter cucumber beetles. Even if this doesn't turn out to be true, I don't mind as I'll have a pretty row of sunflowers smiling at me.

Yesterday I ground whole spelt into flour and turned it into a beautiful olive oil dough, which later became a delicious dinner pizza. Among the toppings were kale and local nitrate-free bacon. The bacon was a divine addition to the pizza, much better than ham. Usually our pizzas are vegetarian so it was nice to change things up.

Yesterday it was so windy one of our large Pigeon Peas bent over and splint up it's trunk. It was the only one we hadn't just pruned and I think with its large load and very wet ground it just couldn't stand up to the gusts. I'm hoping some TLC will save it.
Speaking of Pigeon Peas, my Mum found this interesting Permaculture website which has a great page on Pigeon Peas.

Today I will feed the cows and sheep, in addition to the daily job of feeding the poultry. I will milk the cow, feed my sourdough starter and try and get my finished Mitred Blanket photographed.
I will admire our laden passionfruit vine, check on my clucky* Silkie hen's eggs and tell Rilla she is the best more than is good for her.


What did you do yesterday? And what are your plans for today?
Tomorrow will be the weekend, and I do hope you have a good one!

Sarah x

*Clucky or broody is the term used for when a hen stops laying eggs and decides to 'sit' on her nest for 21 days to hatch chicks.


  1. Hi Sarah, I've enjoyed reading about what goes on during the course of your day. I was glad to hear about sunflowers deterring cucumber beetles. I'm gearing up for spring here and planting my garden. I love the photos of your chickens. They sure look healthy. Hope the cyclone doesn't cause you any problems.

    1. Thanks Laurie, no the cyclone has turned around and gone back out to sea...most strange. Hoping it doesn't come back in!
      Enjoy your planting x

  2. Olive oil dough??? That sounds delicious!! And your garden is going to be so awesome Sarah! I can not wait to see your harvests! And those chicks up there are just the sweetest things! Here is to more goodness this weekend! Nicole xo

    1. Thank-you Nicole. Olive oil dough is divine and makes the best pizza base :-) Hope you have a good week x

  3. Just look at those little chicks and their striped heads, so very cute.
    Your pizza sounds delicious. x

    1. They are Guinea Fowl chicks, very cute but kind of crazy! Seems to be in their nature :-)

  4. Good luck to all your little seedlings. There is a small miracle inherent in growing ones own food from seed that never fails to inspire me.

  5. So impressed you ground up your own spelt into flour! I hear they are really tough


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