Saturday, December 27, 2014

Here & Now

Loving // learning about our sheep. We've had them for a couple of months now, the little lambs and weaners have grown so much in that time, as has Rilla in her working abilities. They're quite handy little lawn-mowers, too, as we can put them places the cattle can't go.

Eating // all the beautiful fruits that Christmas time has to offer. Mangoes, peaches, jabuticabas, and even some locally grown tropical apples. Oh, and those adorable little plum puddings you see up there. They were too cute to resist, being treat sized and so nicely decorated. Upon purchasing we found that they were actual plum puddings on the inside. They were yummy too!

Drinking // for a treat I made the Blueberry Sparkling Lemonade from Eleanor Ozich's delightful book. Needless to say it was delicious and very refreshing.

Wearing // my coolest clothes, and whenever I step outside always a hat. It's hot and the sun is very strong even very early in the morning.

Feeling // ready for the New Year 

Wanting // it to cool down a little, but knowing it won't. Anyway, we wouldn't get rain if it was cold. Not that we've had much anyway...

Thinking // about how much fun I'll have in two months when some of our little Lowline calves are ready to wean. I don't like weaning them, but with it comes halter breaking and handling them, and that I do enjoy. I've started halter breaking Missy's baby, Smokey, already. Being part dairy he's quite large even at the age of eight weeks

Dreaming // of summer storms and lush green paddocks


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day.
Are you looking forward to the New Year? 
Enjoy the weekend!

Sarah x

PS For any of you that are wondering, the little dog in the first photo is my Mum's. He's name is Max and there's not much he likes better than riding on the quad bike!


  1. Lovely photos Sarah, life sounds great at your place. I can only imagine how yummy those little puddings were! Stay cool, the sun is so harsh isn't it? I hope you had a lovely Christmas x

    1. Thank-you Jane. I hope you had a lovely Christmas too x

  2. Lovely pics in this post, and I do envy you all those summer fruits. And the long summer days.

    But "Can you believe there is only one day left of 2014?" ... um, no ... heehee.

    1. Oops, have fixed that :-D Clearly I shouldn't write blog posts after being kept awake for half of the night by my naughty puppy :-)

  3. A Merry Christmas to you too friend! Looks like heaven where you are friend! Such stunning photos Sarah! Happy New Year!! Nicole xoxo

  4. Lovely post... I hope you are getting some of the rain that we are getting here at the Gold coast it has been bucketing down for two days now.... but the garden is loving it! Your produce sounds amazing! Any chance you do farm stays :) LOL! Thanks for sharing! Liz x

  5. Gorgeous post and pics .. I hope Christmas was special for you :)


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