Sunday, October 19, 2014

Spring Rain

I love mid-afternoon storms. The air is still and thick, and then as the rain begins to fall the most delicious cool change happens. 
We experienced our first storm of the season the other day, one that will hopefully be followed by many. We didn't actually get that much rain, but I enjoyed it all the same!

Aside from the obvious reasons of loving rain, I also love the light contrasts it produces. I took all of these photos on the same afternoon, one after another, only slightly adjusting my settings as needed. I love the moody backdrop storm clouds produce, and I especially love it when the sun shows it's face, as it's beginning to set on a rainy afternoon. That gives so many different varieties of light and I love it!

What do you love about Spring rain? 
Do you love taking photos or observing light?
Is it hot or cold, dry or wet in your part of the world at the moment? 
I hope it is good wherever you are!

Sarah x


  1. Love your photos. I love the dark skies when a storm is approaching. Our weather today was very nice, in the 70's....changes are coming though. Fall is definitely in the air. My favorite time of year.

  2. Wonderful photo's love the stormy skies, it's been mild here in the UK, but we have a storm set to blow in over the next few days
    Clare x

  3. Lovely shots - the colours are fabulous! How good do your Dorpas look? Very happy indeed. I have to ask, is that an Australorp chook? Me I love taking photos, but I also pick my times for the light. Spring for us .. we got rained on seriously the other day! :)

    1. Thank-you! Yes the black hen is an Australorp, and the little cream rooster is a Pekin :-)

  4. Great photos! I love rain! And, I love it even more now because we need it so badly. It seems that it rarely rains here anymore. I love that damp, wonderful smell in the air soon after it starts raining. I especially love summer rain. I love how the clouds and rain give us cool relief from the heat and that it's warm enough to go out and play in it. And, I love winter rain for that cozy feeling of being inside on a chilly rainy day. I sure hope we get some soon! And, more of it this winter than usual. Our drought is severe. Have a wonderful week!

    1. I really hope your drought doesn't last too long! It's looking very dry here at the moment too :-)

  5. We got a huge thunderstorm last week and lost all power for a few hours. But all good. The garden got a good soaking and now everything looks so lush and green.


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