Monday, August 31, 2015

Sunrise Farm Chores

It's the first day of Spring tomorrow, the first day of September. It's also the due date for one of our Lowlines to have her baby - how's that for perfect timing? Although I think she's going to wait until at least the end of the week before we get to see the first of our 2015 calves. 
It's drying out fast and with lambing and calving set to start from now and stretch across the next few months the days have gotten much fuller and busier. It's also heating up fast so the morning routine is being changed. No more slow cold mornings, second cups of tea, putting the sourdough into a warmed oven to prove or leaving the chicken eggs out of the fridge. Spring is short in our part of the world, but I am going to relish the gentle warmth while it lasts. 

We delivered the cows their hay as the sun came up this morning, and I took my camera along for the trip. 

May your week be filled with warmth and sunshine.
Enjoy the new season,

Sarah x

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Here & Now

Loving // The beginnings of Spring and our little peach tree which is just covered in blossoms!

Eating // So much homegrown goodness....the veggie crisper is literally full of curly purple kale

Drinking // Our last glasses of Missy milk....after a disappointing wet season the paddocks are drying up super fast now the warmth is on the way, and Missy is struggling to feed the calf growing inside her along with us. We've had to make the hard decision to dry her up.

Wearing // Less layers but still jumpers and jackets - it's not warming up that fast!

Feeling // Grateful for the garden, the sunshine and the new season that is just around the corner

Making // Knitted squares and socks and other things...I think I'll have to do an end-of-winter knitting blog post

Dreaming // Of Spring lambs and little calves...the first of the cows are due to calve in September.

What's happening in your here and now? 
It's the weekend tomorrow. 
I hope you have a good one


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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pattern Love: Little Oddment Hedgehog

Hedgehogs seem to be a creature admired by many and these days they appear in many forms. There are real live ones with their own popular Instagram accounts, you can purchase them as drawings and prints and many other things. 
In the world of knitting, there are heaps hedgehog patterns around, but my absolute favourite would have to the Little Oddment Hedgehog by Julie Williams of Little Cotton Rabbits. This hedgehog hits all the right notes from the irresistible look to the versatility of the pattern. As the name suggests, this is a great pattern for using up bits and bobs from your stash. 

As explained in the pattern, you can make different sized hedgehogs by using different weight yarns, or do as I did and use the same yarn and just knit with different amounts of strands for each hedgehog. 
The colourful ones above I made by using three strands of Organic Cotton DK yarn at once. I love the coloured hedgies for a bright look, but I also enjoy making a little family of three from traditional brown. 

These three were made with Organic Cotton Chocolate DK yarn (available in my shop) for their bodies and for the other yarn I just used oddments of 4ply Bamboo yarn from my stash.
Aren't they adorable? 

The other wonderful thing about these little delights is the speed at which they can be knitted. I've completed a whole family in a weekend and they make excellent gifts for people of all ages. 
Julie's pattern is available to purchase here, and the chocolate and coloured yarns shown above can be found in my shop.


What patterns do you love? Share below in the comments. 
Happy making!
Sarah x

Hedgehogs Raveled Here

PS This is not a sponsored post. This pattern has been shared here entirely of my own accord - how could I resist sharing such adorable little creatures?! x

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