Sunday, February 22, 2015

Here & Now

Loving // having a bit of a day off. Today feels as though it's going to be milder after yesterday's thunder storm, and after getting the animal chores completed as the sun was rising, I'm going to try and give myself a Sunday.

Eating // lots of stone fruit and lots of salads; Quinoa & Chilli, Garden salads topped with Pomegranate, ect.

Drinking // as usual, tea 

Wearing // gumboots

Feeling // very content with today

Wanting // a ram so as to see little baby lambs skipping about the paddock. All in good time.

Thinking // about my patchwork blanket I need to finish and of my knitted blanket I need to finish. I'm on the home stretch with both of them.

Dreaming // of knitting socks for the first time this winter, finishing my Clara Bow Sweater and making beanies. I've grand knitty plans for winter 2015.

What's happening in your here & now? Share below or on your blog if you like, I don't mind either way.
Have a good weekend now, won't you? :-)

Sarah xx


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rainy Rambles

It's been one wet, wet week. We received over 150mls of rain in one night, and it hasn't really dried out since then. The days have gotten finer, but everyday since last Friday has still been dampened by drifts of drizzle and rain that blows in from the mountains. Despite the sogginess, the piled up laundry, squelchy mud, slippery paddocks and grey skies, I am not complaining.
 As I wrote in my last post, I thrive on rainy weather.

will admit that I also enjoy my fair share of sunshine, and after it's been grey and bleak for several weeks you may hear me grumbling. Some might even describe it as moaning. But alas, that is human nature and the way everyone tends to roll. And even when I do moan or grumble, know that I am still grateful for every drop we receive.
To think that only a matter of weeks ago our region was dry and dusty, and what few patches of green were around were only short and certainly not lush.
The lush green of February has arrived. Gumboots, umbrellas and raincoats are in use around here. In fact this morning was the first time all week that I wasn't wearing gumboots. Not because the ground isn't still muddy, albeit it is getting drier, but because one of my feet had had enough of the way the rubber tends to rub them.

With all this wet weather comes new light to photograph in and new subjects to photograph. Over night, an entire village of toadstools appeared in the sheep's paddock. I say village because I do still like to think of toadstools as homes for certain make-believe creatures. There is just something so marvellously enchanting about these little fungi, how can I not let my imagination play with them a little? They were great fun to photograph too. I shan't make you think I'm some kind of toadstool nerd by telling you just how many photos I took of each subject; I've just shared my favourite two shots above.

It's actually sunny today.
I am enjoying the sunshine while it lasts, we're apparently in for more heavy rain this weekend. Although when the weather bureau announces that, it's understandable, if you don't believe them.
The animals are also enjoying the sunshine; no doubt they're happy to have their hooves and feet on drier ground.
The sheep are extra happy; they've been moved to greener, lusher and higher-grounded pastures. They're back employed as the brush-cutters of the native tree strip. Handy little animals they've turned out to be. I love the expression on Daisy's face in the photo above.
So it's ok if you think my love of photographing toadstools is peculiar,
 I'm pretty sure she did too.


I hope you've had a satisfying week so far, and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Sarah x


Thursday, February 5, 2015

I Hear Thunder

Remember that song? I hear thunder, I hear thunder; hark, don't you? 
We used to sing it as children whenever a thunder storm would come. When it rained we'd sing It's raining! It's pouring! The old man is snoring!
I'd quite forgotten both until the other afternoon when I was enjoying a cup of tea and a book on the verandah whilst the sky flashed and rumbled and the rain poured down.
And what beautiful, proper rain it was. The kind of rain that makes the gutters overflow; that seems to hit the ground so hard again it bounces back off and creates a little sort of mist. The kind of rain that makes the spring turn into a little water fall that overflows the dam and makes the crossing go over, temporarily cutting us off from the back half of the property. The crossing and the spring only stay up for a few hours, at the most overnight. By the next day the water is gurgling quite calmly under the crossing, rather than over it, and the spring has died back down to a lovely musical tinkling through the paddock.
I thrive on weather such as this.

It's the beginning of February and I can feel the seasons changing. We're heading out of mid-summer. As I type this evening it's raining outside. I've noticed a difference in the sunrise. It's got a softer golden glow to it, and the sun is just a little bit slower to get out of bed each morning.
February here is usually wet and soggy.
February normally sounds of the clothes dryer running, of mud squelching underneath gumboots. The chickens spend more time sheltering from the rain than out and about scratching. The mulch seems to disappear with remarkable speed from the garden. The cattle yards get that distinctive 'wet-season' smell to them. The dam turns a muddy brown.
And grass grows. And grows.

A few days in and February is promising to live up to our wet-season hopes and expectations.

What are you wanting February to deliver?
Happy second month of the year,

Sarah x

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