Saturday, April 06, 2019

Porridge Days

April is here and the delicious weather with it - porridge days they should be called as they are not too hot and not too cold, but just right (just like Baby Bear's porridge in the Goldie Locks story). I've been snapping photos here and there and doing lots of knitting, but never quite finding the time to put the photos together with words here on this blog until this afternoon.

I feel like I've hit a new rhythm with my knitting lately. One where extra patience has kicked in as I'm happy to take the slower route of playing with swatches and colours before commencing work on a new design. In between that, I'm working on personal projects that have been on my list for a while.

My rainbow shawl is coming along nicely and deserves a post all on its own I think, so I've left it out of this one. I have another Maple scarf on my needles as part of the knit-along and I've been swatching for a new design which I'll start work on as soon as Maple is finished.
I've also been making mug cosies with chickens on them, the one pictured was busy soaking in water before being blocked.

Now that the heat and dryness of summer have passed and we've been lucky enough to receive a decent amount of rain, my thoughts have turned to the garden again. There are sweet peas shooting and potatoes appearing - happy volunteers that I will leave to their own devices. There is also a self-sown pumpkin branching down the side of the veggie box and making its way out onto the lawn. I'm planning to pull out all the grass that's choking everything in and throw in some seeds - carrots, radishes, peas and flowers to start with.

What's been happening in your world lately?
Are you enjoying porridge weather?
I hope you're doing some things you love this weekend, too.


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  1. Your beautiful photos feed the soul Sarah :) Perhaps one has to reach a certain level on your inner knit-ometer before that urge/need to swatch-and-mean-it kicks in. I still can't believe I'm planning to knit an actual swatch for the vest I'm starting with the Adagio yarn soon, lol. xo

    1. Thank you so much, Kellie. Don't get too excited, I still rarely gauge swatch for a garment, but don't tell anyone ;-)

  2. I fought off jet lag by arriving home and diving straight into the garden. We've been away for a month and I had weeded and clipped to prepare the garden for that amount of time away, but wasn't expecting the amount of rain we had. I came straight in, pulled on boots and started pulling and pruning. There's so much more to be done though. An hour or two again today before I head back to work tomorrow.

    1. I hope you've gotten your garden under control now, Kate! It's quite refreshing being out in the fresh air when you're tired.

  3. Such a beautiful post and photo's Sarah.
    I love this time of year!
    Our farm has has some rain after what seemed like a very hot and dry Summer.
    How rain changes things! And lifts everybodys spirits, so good for the soul.
    I have been busy in the garden, trying to get all my veges and flowers in.
    Today I have had my youngest picking rosellas for me, so I can get started on some jam!
    As for knitting I am very much hoping to get some facewashers knitted, our ladies group at church are making care bags for ladies with breast cancer and we are putting knitted facewashers with soap and handcream in the bags, hopefully one day I will be able to knit beautifully like you! 😊

    1. Thank you so much, Joanna! Those bags sound absolutely lovely, how kind and thoughtful of your group.
      I hope your garden is looking lush by now with more rain x

  4. Such lovely photos, Sarah. I too love this time of year - porridge days is a great description!

    1. Thank you, Meredithe! Autumn really is the best x


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