Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Sun Up

Since the baby chickens hatched, it has been part of my morning routine to head up to the chicken pen as soon as I'm out of bed. Mama chook is locked up every night to protect her and her babies from predators such as pythons, and I like to open her door first thing so that as soon as the sun is warm she can take her babies out to bask.
This morning the sun was just climbing out of bed at the same time as me, and brought with it that special golden Autumnal light. I know the seasons are changing when the sunrises become beautifully golden and rich. I grabbed the camera on my way up to open Mama chook's door, and enjoyed twenty minutes of early morning snapping combined with a morning walk. That golden hour is so special and so short, and I'm glad I stopped to enjoy it.


Do you observe light or take time for walking with your camera?

I hope you all enjoyed the Easter Long Weekend!

Sarah x

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  1. I am constantly observing the light Sarah...something I hardly used to notice before I started taking photos. Now I have become rather fussy with my light....sometimes I just don't bother with mid day photos, preferring to wait for evening or early morning when I know the light will lift my photos!

    Your early morning walk looks particularly beautiful! x

    1. I hardly ever bother with midday photos either, softer light is my preference too :-)

  2. I love the early morning light .. It is so sparkly and fresh. I hope you had a lovely Easter too ..

  3. Thank goodness our chickens don't have to contend with pythons - we lock ours away at night from foxes.
    I love the late afternoon light as it slants onto my kitchen table. Just off now to walk with a camera as I found some photos from 30 years ago of our house and yard so am going to try to take 2015 equivalents.

    1. I love taking photos of around our home to look back on later, have fun!
      I'm glad our chickens don't have to contend with foxes, I think it's harder to fox-proof a poultry pen than snake proof it :-)


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